Are you a VP or C-Suite executive or board-focused leader? Are you highly strategic, an innovative thinker and experienced in bringing products to the marketplace?

Do you have operational and finance acumen and experience fundraising, conducting roadshows, interacting with VCs and being disruptive?

Are you a process improver with a record of transforming organizations and fueling growth (both organic and inorganic) as well as increasing the stature of your industry (through board roles and overall innovation with your organization)?

Are you an entrepreneur, a consultant or an expat?

Does your resume reflect this about you?

I am one of only 50 master resume writers and have crafted more than 1,500 career stories that drive game-changing results. Melding experience with a bachelor’s degree in writing/journalism tones my career reporting muscle.

My clients include:

  • former CIA and FBI agents

  • C-Suite Executives of major, Fortune 50 companies: telecom, technology, media and many others

  • an executive producer for a major television and broadcast media organization

  • an NFL football player

  • film and radio industry executives

  • a former Institutional Investor-ranked, sell-side analyst on Wall Street

  • other creative and technical writers

My clients say:

  • Naming myself, (updating my bio) was painful.  But thanks to Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter‘s gold-digging tutelage, it’s done.
  • Thank you for bringing my experience alive. 
  • The resume sealed the deal with hiring executives.
  • The worksheet not only helped me identify my strengths but triggered memories of accomplishments I’d forgotten.
  • My job hunt has finally come to an end and I got my dream job!  I couldn’t be happier! It’s exactly what I wanted: Big company, great benefits, competitive salary and lots of social responsibility projects to be involved with. 
  • The service that you offered went beyond having a great resume and preparing myself for the interviews, it also gave me a clear idea of what kind of job I wanted. I turned down a couple of offers because I knew they weren’t a good fit. Working on that worksheet was not easy, but it was worth! 
  • “Superbly done”, “loved the format”, “I would change nothing” and “I really admire its unique nature”, were just some of the comments I received from both HR and independent recruiters. In addition, I felt the branding image and genuine stories within the document kept me fresh and added cohesion during the interview process, thus making me a better interviewee.
  • You are an extraordinary writer, and I am very thankful to have worked with you throughout this project.

I offer the following packages:

  • Deluxe
    ~ Executive / Board Resume
    ~ Cover Letter Suite
    ~ LinkedIn Profile
    ~ Executive Summary
    ~ Executive Biography
    ~ Elevator Pitch
    Investment fee — $5,999.00
  • Premium 
    ~ Executive / Board Resume
    ~ Cover Letter Suite
    ~ LinkedIn Profile
    ~ Elevator Pitch
    Investment fee — $4,299.00
  • Basic
    ~ Executive / Board Resume
    ~ Targeted Cover Letter
    Investment fee — $2,499.00
  • Lightning Round
    ~ Interactive, Abbreviated Process
    Investment fee — (starting at) $499.00
  • Starter Kit
    ~ Resume Template
    ~ Basic questionnaire
    ~ 10 Tips
    Investment fee — $99.99

I help executives tip themselves over so they can let their beautiful stories out. Contact me at