Alliances, Partners and Blogging Collaborators is a free and anonymous jobs and career communityoffering an inside look at companies and access to millions of job listings. Glassdoor helps employees, job seekers, employers and recruiters find and share detailed information about more than 110,000 companies, such as Facebook, Accenture, AT&T, Oracle, Starbucks and UPS.This proprietary user-generated content includes salary datacompany reviewsinterview questions and reviews, office photos and CEO approval ratings.
The Career Collective is a collaboration of 21 experts in the careers industry who join forces one a month. Each member uses his or her own blog to respond to a timely question that vexes many job seekers.Career Collective participants then link to other members’ responses so readers will have easy access to a variety of viewpoints.Co-founders include Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter and Miriam Salpeter.
The membership network for executives founded by Dave Opton, ExecuNet brings C-level executives together online and in face-to-face meetingsto discuss business challenges, solutions and opportunities and share job leads.A recognized authority in executive recruiting and human capital, ExecuNet also provides members access to confidential six-figure jobs listings, proprietary research and pragmatic advice.
3PlusInternational ensures aspiring women achieve their greatest potential at each and every stage of their careers. They also fill the talent pipeline with high achieving high potential women for companies and industries who know more women equals better business results.  To these ends, they provide support from an international network of independent mentors, sponsors and peers available on-line and in the real world. They are each and all women worth knowing.
TalentCulture is a recruiting, career and branding consulting firm dedicated to helping clients see their businesses as places to develop and engage talent and culture – while helping job seekers and careerists find the culture fit they need to achieve success and satisfaction in the workplace.Led by workplace and recruiting visionary, Meghan M. Biro, TalentCulture is also a blogging community of leading-edge thinkers writing about engaged, collaborative, innovative and sustainable careers, businesses and workplace cultures.
Founded by Mike Henry, Sr., the Lead Change Group, whose tagline is “Leaders Growing Leaders,”  is a global virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution.
The Resume Chicks is an alliance of five certified resume writers who participate in various media to promote and elevate the credibility and visibility of the resume writing industry.Sharing a mutual passion for the written word, the Resume Chicks are driven by their enthusiasm to support the goals of individuals during a job search while shaping and extending relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, human resource professionals and others in the careers industry.
There’s a lot of noise in the career space. Thousands of experts. Tons of contradictory advice. Even more old-schoolers whose advice doesn’t seem to apply well to our new economy – or new talent.So, how do you know whom to listen to – right now – to help get your first, or next, job?

YouTern helped answer that question with their “Top 50 Bloggers for Young Careerists”!

How did they select these bloggers?

  • First and foremost: the quality of the content; nothing is more important
  • Second, they value consistency: frequency of blogging, a constant voice, etc.
  • Third, they chose to eliminate those bloggers in the deep end of the self-promotion pool
  • Lastly, they selected those bloggers, regardless of their years of experience (yes, that means there are some old-school types in here!), whose advice is wholly applicable to young careerists