Career Trend 2011: Accountability + Possibility = Sustainability


By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

In collaboration with my colleague and co-coordinator, Miriam Salpeter, and the entire Career Collective blogging membership, I’m delighted to roll-out my first 2011 blog post.

The topic that we are blogging on this month is, things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices). Please follow the Twitter hashtag, #CareerCollective. I have included links to my colleagues’ posts at the end of this article.

New Shoots of Green

It’s tornadic – the career destruction wrought by the last couple of years’ economic storms. Careers (and egos) were dismantled and flung about like rag dolls, and many are still in the throes of reconstruction. I firmly believe these same careers will resurface with stronger foundations and greater-than-ever sustainability.

While 2011 may — or may not — be the transformative year for total global jobs recovery, we have our economic feet planted in the fertile ground of recovery and hope.  It’s our job now to water and cultivate the soil to create and perpetuate shoots of green.

The Onus Is on You and Me

The onus for nurturing this turnaround extends beyond lofty governmental and corporate initiatives. Creating a new course and building momentum rests squarely on the shoulders of us as individuals.

The trend for 2011 career success likely will be founded on effective career plan execution. Think about what that means, though. Executing a plan, an idea or a project is not just seamlessly rolling out a red carpet after it’s been woven. A plan is a pattern, and execution is the intricate weaving together of the threads of that pattern to create that red-carpet result.

Wally Bock, in his Three Star Leadership Blog, says it best:

“Planning is intellectual fun, with no responsibilities. Execution is all about work and there’s lots of responsibility.”

As a careerist in job search you may relate to the invigorating aspect of ramping up a strategic career plan. You comb through books, you read dozens of career experts’ articles and/or you hire a career coach and resume strategist to help you plot out your next career steps. Step by step, milestone marker by milestone marker you begin maneuvering, becoming increasingly jazzed about the possibilities. This is a good thing, as you are accruing positive energy that will fuel your initiative to move forward with and execute the plan.

Surround Yourself With a Career Support Team

Because of the complexity and unending nature of strategic career plan execution, even moreso now than ever before, the trend for careerists is to create and sustain your career consortium of career strategists and coaches, career mentors, career accountability partners and career colleagues necessary to support you and promote your evolving story toward competing with, or even better, outperforming the competition.

Members of your career team will not only partner with you to build that plan, but they will hold you accountable for execution. They will urge, guide and shepherd you through the career facilitation maze that relies on intellect, online and offline resources to drive you to your destination.

Realize, too, that execution, in addition to being ongoing and never ending, also is a mix of both planning and execution. According to Bock:

“Recognize that the planning doesn’t end when you produce the plan. Adaptation in the face of reality completes the plan.”

Bock describes the production of a plan as a victory, while also asserting that, “execution never ends.”

This, I believe is key to effective career management in 2011 and beyond –- continuous execution of both small- and large-scale career plans, depending upon your situation, the change you personally are undergoing in your career, or the changes in the economic and business climate in which you subsist. As well, realize that your career is a living, breathing organism that must be continuously fed, nurtured and exercised, for career eternity. You must continually execute!

The trend for careerists to tap online and social media resources, venues and tools will continue. The online aspects of job search will no longer be considered an option, but a requirement. Google yourself — if you cannot be found, then you simply don’t exist. It’s time, in 2011, to change that! You must be visible; you must promote; you must engage.

Check Out These Career Tools and Resources

The good news is you have a plethora of resources and tools to help propel you and your career goals to new heights and to assist you, and your career team, in the career sustainability process.

Following are websites to support you as you devise your career search plans and strategies, research companies and potential job opportunities and look for social media platforms to share your evolving career resume stories. Hopefully these sites will help you not only in the planning and execution stages of job search, but throughout your career lifetime.

Social Media Sites (Where You Should Publish Your Career Story)

Research Sites (Where You Can Look Into Prospective Companies, Discover Your Job Search Target and/or Equip Yourself for Interviews)

Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach Sites (These directories list folks who are paid to keep abreast of current career trends. Heed the adage, you get what you pay for, and invest in yourself this way — it may not only be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job, but also may be the key to cinching the dream job of a lifetime.)

Career Assessments

Job Boards and Sites

Career and Leadership Website and Blogging Hubs That Collect the Best of the Best Career Advice

A Few Value-add Sites (many of these also are listed on my blogroll)

Bottom Line Trend for 2011: To continue the career rebuilding process with accountability and possibility. Many folks, whether entrepreneurs or careerists employed by a company have experienced the impact of the economic crash. Whether you’ve been downsized, laid off, let go, reorganized and refit into a new role or have seen your role balloon to twice the size it once was in order to absorb the duties of your laid off colleague, you can turn your situation around, starting today.

It may feel that you are constantly doing more with less, so reach out and engage the people and the tools to lighten the load in ways you didn’t ever expect. Realize your new potential in a new world!

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31 Responses to “Career Trend 2011: Accountability + Possibility = Sustainability”

  1. Jacqui,

    Great post. Yesterday, I took in the #triennial design exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt in New York. It’s a fantastic exhibit that highlights the need for sustainability and green initiatives. Job seekers curious in green may like these links from the site:

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Jacqui:
    Love this! Wally Bock’s quotes are so true and appropriate!
    Career management is about heightened personal accountability! Those who have transitioned over the past 2 years understand this more than anyone and I hope they will heed the warning and invest in on-going accountability!

    As always, your post is a wonderful read jam-packed with helpful resources at the end!

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      “Heightened personal accountability” = I like that! Good point about ‘heeding the warning’ and investing going forward. It’s never too late to learn from our challenging (sometimes painful) experiences.

      So glad you stopped by, Hannah. You are always supportive and wonderful to collaborate with.


  3. Jacqui-

    What a great list of useful resources! Thanks for the shout-out to MATRIX! Happy New Year.

  4. Dawn Lennon says:

    What an amazing toolkit-survival kit for job seekers coupled with a wonderfully optimisitc message: “the transformative year for total global jobs recovery” is in the offing and within our grasp IF we simply forge ahead and do the work.

    Your message of forming a collaborative team to help with planning and building momentum is something so often missed. You lead by example by quoting Wally Bock and offering an eye-popping list of resources, beautifully organized.

    Thank you so much for including my Business Fitness blog as a valuable information source. To be part of this impressive group is humbling! A fabulous post, Jacqui! ~Dawn

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      I love the term “toolkit-survival kit” for job seekers! Thank you! It seems that conjoining tough messages with optimistic overtones is a trait we share. I so enjoy and am invigorated by your messages of strength and resolve over at the Business Fitness blog! Weekly, I learn about and am reminded of truths and opportunities that I can share with my clients and apply to my own business as well.

      Thanks, again, for stopping by and for being a part of the business (and friendship) team I rely upon.


  5. This is a great bookmarkable resource – thank you for collating such a wide range of useful information. Huge added value!

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      I appreciate the “great bookmarkable resource” remark and glad you found it a value-add!

      Your blog is one that I will continue to recommend to clients and peers, for years to come.


  6. Excellent list, Jacqui! And thank you for listing me in Value-add as well as your blogroll. I absolutely loved this concept, so well verbalized in your paragraph:

    “This, I believe is key to effective career management in 2011 and beyond –- continuous execution of both small- and large-scale career plans, depending upon your situation, the change you personally are undergoing in your career, or the changes in the economic and business climate in which you subsist.”

    We are both in the career marketing field and perhaps a bit biased but I would not want to be a job seeker who is trying to go it alone today. Every job seeker needs a qualified partner who understands the challenges of today’s job search. Thank you for saying it so well!

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      Thanks for highlighting the concept that most resonated with you! I felt so much passion in writing that line – it was visceral. After 14 years in the business and seeing so much joy (and heartache) by job seekers and careerists undergoing transition, upheavals and breakthroughs, I KNOW the value a “qualified partner who understands the challenges of today’s job search” can provide!

      Thanks for weaving your words and passion into this thread and joining me in touting a bit of our bias [biases are generally founded on some sort of “reason,” though, and knowing your deep business and careers history, I KNOW your reasons are valid, as you have witnessed the same collaborative (and positive) results with your clients as I have.]


  7. Great post Jacqui! I really appreciate your comment:

    “The onus for nurturing this turnaround extends beyond lofty governmental and corporate initiatives. Creating a new course and building momentum rests squarely on the shoulders of us as individuals.”

    Many people are waiting for the economy to improve, for someone to find their resume and offer a job, or for something else externally to happen for them to get their career going again. The onus, rather, truly is on us as individuals!

    You gave a great list of resources and ideas to get them going. I’m flattered to be included in your referrals.

    Thanks for another post that adds real value to those seeking help in their job search and careers!


    • Master Resume Writer says:

      Thanks Harry,
      It’s helpful to know which parts of the post most resonated with others. Thanks for pinpointing what you liked.

      The idea, as you say, of waiting for these “external” actions to happen to get one’s career going again can paralyze people. It’s not easy, sometimes, to take the reins of one’s career, but with all of the valuable resources (like those you provide in your blog) to help lift people from career stagnancy (and/or pain) to a better place, it’s definitely do-able! Sometimes, even, careerists land in a BETTER place than they were originally – not only surviving, but thriving!

      Thanks for your value-add comment, Harry,

  8. Wonderful post, Jacqui! Yes! “The onus is on you and me.” I agree completely, and it’s so nice to see it stated that way. Government, no matter how well-intentioned and well-run it may (or may not) be, can only do basic stuff. We need to work on what we can do to help, and the rest will follow.

    Thanks for including Job-Hunt in your list!


    • Master Resume Writer says:

      “We need to work on what we can do to help, and the rest will follow.” I love that, and it’s a good reminder. It reminds me of an idea I espouse: “the importance of gaining traction” – get going, doing and just “move;” amazing how things fall in place if we put forth the energy and focused attention.

      Glad to include your hearty Job-Hunt resource in the list, Susan!


  9. Wally Bock says:

    Thanks for applying some of my thoughts in a whole new way. What a wonderful and helpful post.

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      Thanks Wally, for being so open to my tapping your “thoughts” this way. I’ve always embraced the value of “executing,” and many of my executive resume clients beat the drum of the value in their executing and not “just” strategizing.

      The idea fits so neatly into job search strategy/execution.

      As I wrote this post, I kept drawing back to your words, until suddenly, they became a critical thread of the entire message.

      Thanks for the inspiration and word fuel!


  10. Very relevant post, Jacqui! You’ve assembled a value-added list of resources for today’s job seeker. The recommendation to surround yourself with a career support team is smart advice to complete both the planning and execution of a strategic career plan.

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      Thanks Laurie!

      I’m glad you found the post relevant!

      We all need support folks in our corner, throughout our lives. And with the upheaval of the economy, the need for such career and business support teams has become more pronounced (in my not-so-humble opinion ; )

      Appreciate “your” supportive words!


  11. Jacqui,

    First – wow – FANTASTIC list of resources that every job seeker should have!

    I love the empowering message of taking responsibility for your career but reminding people that they don’t have to go it alone. Developing a support team can be so important when it comes to the challenge of a job search in today’s market.

    There are so many messages leaving people feeling powerless and unable to impact change in their lives these days. May every job seeker heed these wise and inspiring words!

    My best,

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      What a positive remark; you’ve served to “lift” me with your fine attitude (amazing the power of words and tone)!

      That’s a good point about some messages “leaving people feeling powerless and unable to impact change in their lives.” I believe that everyone deserves to feel hope, and that there is generally (always) reason to be hopeful.

      As you said, job seekers can take responsibility but they don’t have to go it alone! No wonder you’re such a fabulous coach!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  12. Dawn Bugni says:

    Jacqui –

    As always, you’ve provided insightful, useful, helpful information for job seekers and careerist alike.

    Bottom line, as has been already been echoed in the comments, the onus of responsibility is on each of us to direct our own lives. Yes, “things” happen, but how we react to and manage them is what defines us.

    We are all works in progress until the day we die. How exciting!

    • Master Resume Writer says:

      That IS exciting (about being works in progress)!

      And, you’re right Dawn, the key is how we react to these things that WILL and DO happen.

      As usual, thanks for adding your unique spin and wisdom to the conversation. You always add insights that reinforce and extend the message.


  13. Great list, Jacqui! Very comprehensive and very user-friendly. I just may link my next article to it as a value-add resource! 🙂


    • Master Resume Writer says:

      Thanks Erin! Love that you found the resource list comprehensive and user-friendly! I take that at as a compliment and look forward to your possibly linking it to one of your articles!


  14. Dennis says:

    Wow~, What a great list of valuable resource, Thanks for the sharing that helps a lot of people include me

  15. Jacqui – I must echo Harry and Susan’s comments – the onus is on us – that resonates with me, too. I believe that job seekers control much more than they think in their searches. So often, it is easier to say, “it’s the economy,” “my industry,” “my age,” etc. While these all impact job seekers, they do not define the job search’s potential for success. With such an extensive array of resources at the click of a mouse, it is up to every job seeker to take the wheel and find the resources that work, the team that works or the coach that makes the difference!

    I’m so glad to partner with you for the Career Collective! Thanks for these terrific ideas.

    • Thanks Miriam. I love the ‘take the wheel’ metaphor – yes! We all have times in our lives where we feel we are losing control, but job seekers must know they are not alone and the resources are there to help them ‘take charge’ and drive their career forward!

      Terrific to partner with you, too!


  16. Marianna says:

    I love this vivid Jacqui-esque line you written: “A plan is a pattern, and execution is the intricate weaving together of the threads of that pattern to create that red-carpet result.”

    So, in keeping with the analogy, as in real life, the carpet needs to be vacuumed or taken out and whacked with a broom. After some time has gone by, it needs to be updated or replaced. All things which you regularly remind your readers to do in their career search strategies.

    You always model what you suggest your clients and readers to do. In this post, you have generously turned the spotlight on sixty-six businesses, organisations and websites.

    What a delightful New Year’s gift you’ve given me by adding a link to my blog in your Value-Add section. Thank you! :)) (<I'm smiling so much I have a double-chin!)

    • Marianna,
      Your words always drip with value. Thank you!

      I love how you extended the red-carpet metaphor regarding sometimes the carpet needs to be ‘vacuumed or taken out or whacked with a broom!’ Very vivid! … and spot on!

      Thanks so much for the Jacqui-esque reference – I’m feeling so French, somehow today, with that extension of my name (*smiles*).

      How could I not list you as a Value-Add resource! Anyone who isn’t following your blog should start today!


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