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Are Resumes Withering?

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While technology is an important part of the job search equation, it doesn’t trump thought-work, introspection and proper targeting.

Yes, totally ignoring technology can potentially be harmful, in that disregarding its value could equate to missed opportunities. However, overshadowing the process with a hyper-focus on technology’s ability to catapult your results can be equally harmful.

In my latest Glassdoor post, with a special appearance by Master Resume Writer Dawn Bugni, we  share insights debunking the oft-touted myth that the resume is withering. We cover three topics:

Why You Must Not “Forget Your Resume”

Funnel Your Energy Into Your Focused Message

Job Search Blends Many Tools and Methods

Read the full post here: Here’s Why the Resume Isn’t Dead Yet.

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Not All Career Advice Is Good: 10 Tips to Ignore

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

“There’s a lot of bad advice out there.”

“As somebody who has helped people find jobs for over 15 years, I’m amazed at the number of myths that still float around.”

These are just two of the eight comments on my recent post challenging 10 of the ‘career expert’ myths that float around cyberspace and beyond. By disentangling the myths from the facts, I hope that this message can help provide clarity for careerists and job seekers.

For example, did you know that the myth about limiting your resume to one or two pages still lingers? I think my friend and fellow Master Resume Writer, Dawn Bugni, The Write Solution, sums it up best, with her quote:

“It takes words to convey value!”

Unchain yourself from the arbitrary resume-length rules and instead, focus on writing a value-rich story that sells your talent to a target audience. Think self-marketing.

As well, myths about not participating on LinkedIn, avoiding social media or guerilla-ing your way to success abound. Why muscle the way to the top with tactics that may turn off versus attracting your audience? Instead, apply that strength in powerfully asserting your value professionally. Professionalism does not have to equate to stuffy or unoriginal, after all.

To read the full article, including all 10 tips, please visit US News | On Careers, here: 10 Bits of Career Expert Advice You Want to Ignore.


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