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5 Simply Positive Things You Can Do to Get Results During Your Job Search

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Job search, akin to moving to a new town often is unfamiliar, disconcerting and frightening. In fact, it can turn confidence into insecurity, and polished poise into rough edges. It also can shift calmness into anger and patience into pushiness.

Ways to positively channel this anxiety and energy abound and can be used to propel your search—and attitude—forward. Five such tips follow:

1. Create a resume that is a mash of both marketing muscle and humility. Create this by teasing out a story rich, not only in the measurable results you achieved as an army of one, but also in the colorful and harmonious relationship threads you wove throughout your career. If written well, you hook the reader with a relatable, yet exhilarating theme and win them over with your likeability and problem solving finesse. You prove yourself as both a decisive leader and a collaborative partner.

2. Join the conversation on social media. When you read someone’s blog, you comment, and then personally tweet or share their content. You add value and positivity to the conversation and humbly admit that you learned something you did not know before.

You don’t permit your overwhelm with and anxiety from job search to spill over into anger, negativity, insults and/or know-it-all attitudes on blogging sites, Twitter conversations or Facebook exchanges. If you find yourself swaying toward off-putting online sharing, you seek out a healthier outlet, such as exercise or spending time with good friends who will be private sounding boards for your angst.

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Are You Setting an Effective Job Search Trap?

By Robert P. Poindexter

I am not aware of any scientific cases of spiders starving to death, which is quite amazing when you consider their main food sources possess abilities that most of them don’t — like, for instance, the ability to fly. Spiders are fast and some can even jump, but I’m not aware of any that are equipped with wings.

I am personally not a fan of these creepy creatures, but I must admit, if one ever wanted a lesson in survival, the spider provides a great example. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that our caveman ancestors took one look at a web after unsuccessfully chasing a Tyrannosaurus Rex through the jungle all week and thought to himself,”Hmmm!” And the trap was born.

Of course, building a web or a trap is one thing, but putting it where it will catch the intended prey is the real genius. Spiders always put their webs in areas that are most likely to be frequented by their  food source of choice, and where I am most likely to run into them face-first. (I’ve long been suspicious of prankster spiders that place webs in locations certain to produce an arm-flailing-hair-messing-face-rubbing-trip-down-the-stairs-backward-dance. I can only imagine their delight while they slap each other on the back and laugh as they head off to do other spider stuff.)

What does any of this have to do with your job search? Plenty!

Like the arachnid, you must ensure you are setting your trap where it will do the most good. Garner the most hits. Feed your job search appetite, if you will.

Also, your web should be properly designed. You never see a spider spin out one long silken thread in a straight line, and if you do, he will most likely be a very skinny spider. For the spider knows his web must be multi-dimensional if he hopes to eat.The same is true for your successful job search. A well written resume alone is a mighty thread, however, layering it with a good cover letter, biography, LinkedIn profile and other important career documents give it width and breadth.

If your web isn’t catching enough attention lately, you may want to consider the services of a professional weaver.

Good luck and happy hunting.

New Grad: Courteously Hustle Your Way to a New Job

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

A new grad client who graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics landed a job in just a few months with our 3-PAGE, focused resume (+ interview coaching). The resume touted multiple leadership roles: captain of his basketball team, graduate assistantship and more!

He was regularly complimented that his resume was a ‘short story’ vs. ‘an avalanche of facts or statements.’

HOW did he land so fast?

He was confident in his story.

While 11/12 people offering feedback were complimentary, he confidently (and courteously) eschewed advice that he should cut (critical) content from his resume. As well, he moved outside his comfort zone in reaching out to C-level leaders and hiring decision makers through social media and email to get voice and face time.

This tenacity, blended with humility and talent, ultimately helped him land a position that he initially was rejected from for not being a ‘perfect match’ to the job description.

This new grad’s story is another great example of not relying on automated screening systems and getting out there and courteously hustling, putting your ‘face into the wind‘ in job search, whether it’s early in your career or advanced.


Photo via @eternalgr8ness 

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