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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

In 2012, I will aspire to …

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Lake Texoma


Happy New Year … blah blah blah


By Robert P. Poindexter

I read a recent article about New Year’s resolutions that claimed most people have backslid by February and completely forgotten about them by May. The reasons ranged from goals that were too lofty to family tragedies that helped to derail hopes and aspirations.

I say phooey on this hyped up calender change. I’m not suggesting that we do away with this time-honored tradition completely, I’m just saying stop pinning all your hopes and dreams on what is essentially just another day.

Have hopes. Have dreams. Have aspirations to be a better you. Just don’t wait until January the first to start working towards them. Especially if it’s only July.

As I write this, people all over the world are ramping up to be a better version of themselves … uhmm, next year.

WHAT????!!!! REALLY???!!!!

So just because the calender flips, these people are going to think and act in a completely different way than they have for the past year or two or 20? Not likely.

I’ll be the first to agree that 2010 wasn’t a banner year for most of us. Bandits have raided our savings, crooks seemingly lurking around every corner, pirates lying in wait to steal from us what we’ve worked so hard for. And that’s just our government.

So, is it any wonder we long for the new year and a fresh start. I’ve got some bad news, though, they will still be screwing us next year as well.

The point I’m trying to make is simply this: 2011 will be exactly like 2010 unless you take serious steps to change it. Not just on January 1, but every hour of every day. Getting started is the hard part, and for some it’s all the ‘hard part.’ But don’t let that stop you.

Whether you’ve decided to stop drinking, stop smoking stop overeating or stop keying strangers’ cars for no reason, don’t wait for some ‘magical’ change of the calender page. Start stopping today and continue to stop every day until you’re no longer stopping, you’re just being whom you’ve become.

Those of you who are bored enough to read my blogs know that this is the part where I typically tie my ramblings with something to do with the careers industry; however, I won’t be doing that today. This is just a message I felt like sharing and hoped a few of you would appreciate. It will be my final post for 2010, and I’m hoping I’ll be a better writer ‘next year.’

Happy New Year, everyone.


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