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Marvin the Martian by

By Robert P. Poindexter

Martians. Little green people from the red planet bent on the total annihilation of mankind.

It seems the science fiction writers have been telling us these stories ever since Mars was discovered. For the life of me, I’m not sure how or why we decided evil beings would only come from this planet. I mean, I’ve never been concerned about being invaded by Moontians. Nobody that I know of has ever suggested that we fear the evil Venusians or Saturnitians.

Are there no evil green beings preparing to take us by surprise coming from Mercury? The worst we ever hear about Pluto comes to us in the form of a lovable oaf created by Walt Disney. Jupiter, the gentle giant, as it’s often referred to–why are there no evil entities preparing themselves for our final judgment on that planet?

No, my dear Earthlings, feel free to travel to any of those with complete confidence in your relative safety. But Mars, stay away. Stay far, far away.

While stories of little green men in spaceships still fill countless sci-fi books, we as a species are starting to look a little more kindly on the once feared home of the dreaded Martian hordes. Just today, I saw an article suggesting we may actually colonize Mars in the next few decades. (If anyone asks, I’m not interested in going).

You must admit, the very idea of living on another planet does give rise to all sorts of dreams and possibilities. So far the IRS doesn’t exist there. That’s reason enough for most of us to at least consider the move. No cable companies have figured out a way for a reality show yet. There is, from what I understand, a bit of a radiation issue to deal with. But what’s that compared to a “Real House Wives of Orange County” marathon?

I say, “Bring on the radiation, man!!!”

As a child of the sixties, I was convinced we would all be moving about in flying cars, ala George Jetson by now. And while our cars may look more like bubbled space capsules then the cool, sleek rides I grew up with, we still have to rely on rubber and concrete to get us to the mall.

That being said, space travel is much more common now then it was then. And how about these cool cell phones that are seemingly now required equipment? Who would have ever thought I could write this letter electronically and have as many as three different people (the usual sum total of my audience–thanks folks) read it within seconds of hitting the send button? Of course we still don’t have that cool automatic food preparer that gave George his dinner in mere moments; but the microwave oven is a pretty neat alternative.

Yes, a lot has changed in the last 40 years. Things such as air travel and the ability to talk on your very own “car” phone are no longer reserved for just the upper echelon of our species, but are readily available to even the most humble beings on planet earth. If you’re still watching your movies on a black and white television set that weighs 400 pounds, you may want to check out your local electronics store. There have been some major changes in that arena as well.

From covered wagons to space shuttles, the human race continues to march ever forward. Regardless of your personal feelings concerning technology, if you want to survive in today’s world it is imperative that you have at least a rudimentary grasp of it.

While I agree that not all change is for the best, I must say I’m rather fond of indoor plumbing.

If there have been changes to your career path, good or bad, your resume and job search skills must also keep pace with these changes. Has your current resume been updated recently to reflect new certifications or skills you’ve acquired? Have you recently left a position and need help getting back into the job market using the latest techniques that may not have been available the last time you were in the job market?

While it may not be rocket science, you will have a much better shot at the rocket scientist position you’re applying for by employing the services of a professional career strategist.

And if we ever do make it to Mars, I hope the Kansas City Chiefs are the first NFL team to be sent there!!!! Maybe Todd Haley wouldn’t mind shaking hands with a Martian.

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