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3 Opinions on Having a Pro Write Your Resume

When Sharlyn Lauby, SHPHR, CPLP, founder of Top 50 Business Blog HR Bartender, invited me to reply to a comment from one of her readers regarding “Should a pro write your resume?” I interestedly jumped in with both feet.

As such, a thorough article resulted, in which questions were answered regarding 1. Why should a person consider having a professional write their resume?; 2. What’s involved in the process of having a pro write your resume?; 3. Are there situations when someone shouldn’t consider having a professional write their resume?; and 4. Should a person’s LinkedIn profile look like their resume? among others.

Sharlyn even pointed to Seth Godin’s compelling argument for having a pro write your resume, including points about telling your story via a conversation.

As such, I’m delighted to be featured, in the company of my good friends and resume writing colleagues Dawn Bugni and Erin Kennedy, at the HR Bartender blog! To read the complete story, please click HERE.

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