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Has Your Career Red-Lined?

By Robert P. Poindexter
Once only found on the most sophisticated of high-performance machines, tachometers are as common on the minivan as they are on Corvettes. That little gauge alone won’t keep you from blowing your engine, but it will let you know that something has got to change in a hurry, or you may be using your hands-free Bluetooth technology to call the nearest tow truck driver.

For those of you unfamiliar with this little savior of the internal-combustion engine, that little red line area is not there to add a splash of color to your dash. It is there to let you know a change is needed. NOW!!!

You see, engines are designed to operate in a certain RPM (revolutions per minute) range. The red-line indicates the very top of that range. Once that level has been reached, the engine has nothing left to give and attempting to push it beyond this border will typically result in catastrophic failure. Even if it does not blow the engine, it will cease to gain speed or power.  However, you do have a few choices at this point to save it.

If you have any higher gears remaining to select from, you can simply choose one of those to bring the RPMs under control. Barring this as an option, you can take your foot off of the accelerator.

The idea of course is to never let your RPMs get to this point unless you are a race car driver. (I mean, professionally.)

Has your career red-lined?

Have you gone as fast and far as you can in the current gear?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, it may be time to switch gears or back off the gas pedal to get control of the situation.

If switching gears means taking your skills to a new company or simply asking to be promoted to the next level at your current job, it is vital that your resume be up to the task.

Don’t let a slipping clutch prevent you from getting to the next gear that will keep your career humming along.

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