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Quit Being a Career Lightweight

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Your career is organic. It is a living, virtually breathing organism that needs to be nourished and exercised. Without attentive, continual care, you cannot expect your career heartbeat to remain vibrant and strong.

To prevent career malnourishment, consider applying these five activities to your daily routine:

1. Stop Weighing Down Conversations. Too many people, especially early in their career or in the throes of transition, want to be open to all opportunities and are unwilling to ‘limit’ their options. Therefore, they weigh down career conversations with non-nutritional messages that lead to flabby results. Forget that. Reign in your fear, and get absolutely focused on what you want and where you fit. Then, lean up your communications with well-honed, sharp content that lifts your career advancement to new levels.

2. Build Up a Value Proposition. This means, you must take the time to do the heavy intellectual lifting. Perform extensive introspection—in writing—as to what your unique areas of value are and weave these into your resume, online profiles, emails, texts and networking orations, among other venues. Ensure you are intimately digesting your own value and that it pulsates throughout your career bloodstream. This will make the natural articulation of who you are, and why you are different from the next great candidate, possible.

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Are There Cracks in Your Career Communications Strategy?

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Shedding light on your target audience, becoming intimate with your own value and drumming up muscular career stories that transport your reader all are essential action steps to forge a rock-solid resume.

This foundational aspect of today’s job search helps prevent job-search flops and missteps and keep your career messaging infrastructure solid. I know; I work with professionals and executives every day who desire a pragmatic, empowering approach to break through to the next level of their careers.

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Are You Just One of the Herd? The “LinkedIn-Is-Your-Resume” Debate Continues.

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

“My goal — and what attracted me to your website — is that you can portray the essence of who I am.

It’s not just skill, but it is everything else that I bring to the table – my attitude – all of the life experience, the drive, the energy that I have. I see myself as someone who has been through a lot and can accomplish a lot. And that is something I want to be part of my resume — what you don’t typically see on people’s resumes.”

These were the words from my client’s mouth to my ears just a couple of weeks ago as we determined our fit for a client-career resume writer relationship.

From my bird’s-eye view the past 14 years, having strategized, sweated over and introspected with career seekers to give birth to career stories, I know that telling your career story is much more than keywords, buzz language and phrasing that fulfills an ATS requirement or a LinkedIn profile formula.

As my Value Into Words tagline and Twitter handle express, I am passionate about fertilizing the written landscape with value-focused language; and my niche is transitioning real people’s value into words. Here is where the rub begins: too many people get swept up into the tidal wave frenzy of technological formulas that simply, mechanically and impersonally push their career message into a robotic scenario whereby the job search is thwarted.

A recent Forbe’s article, once again, espoused the dissolution of traditional resumes and their replacement by LinkedIn profiles. The foundation of a resume is continually evolving, in fact, becoming more nuance rich than ever before, but what is not changing is the value of the words breathing life into those stories.

Bear in mind that a LinkedIn profile, with its limitations in formatting, word count and design, is just another vessel — and a very robust one at that! (I love LinkedIn profiles; in fact, I regularly write them for my clients.) However, a foundational, story-rich career positioning message must be created first, and the LinkedIn profile should be an offshoot of that foundation.

With the most effective means of job search and career management still being fruitful relationship building, pull marketing and networking (these three methods really are intertwined and overlapping), getting swept into the idea of another mass-attracting tool to formulate a non-formulaic message can be career derailing, or at the least, career slowing.

Your career positioning documents may be housed in many forms: Word document, SlideShare, LinkedIn Profile, Visual CV, Social Resume … and more!

It’s not the vessel that should be the central focus of our discussions; it should be the intimate and uniquely articulated message as well as the means to showcase that message. And beyond that, it’s the attitude and zeal of the real live person behind those words and the energy employed to lift and carry those words.

The bottom line is, do you want a custom-built career story or a resume that links you into a plethora of other automated career bots like cattle in a herd?

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