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Hope/Possibility Within Grasp as You Merge Work/Life

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

The satisfactory blending of your work and life may seem improbable, or even impossible at times, but I urge you to bear in mind that hope and possibility always are within grasp. Never give up; and when beset with new obstacles, reframe, refocus, refresh and re-attack your goals to design a life of contentment, woven with a rich tapestry of feelings, both sorrowful and joyful, with a focus on the ‘joy.’

In my recent post at 3Plus International’s online newsletter, I described my last-three-months’ learnings as I rode the wave of geographic and life change. My goal is to encourage, lift and instill hope in others who, at whatever stage in their lives or careers, may be considering change.

Please visit my post, here: Marching Through Change.

And, for a plethora of other posts by smart, interesting and supportive ‘women worth knowing,’ please visit 3Plus International. And if you aren’t already, follow 3Plus’ co-founders via Twitter, Anne Perschel, Dorothy Dalton and Lise Moen.

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