Confidence Building and Your Career

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cherry Woodburn for a story in her inaugural Confidence Chronicles | True Stories of Becoming Strong series this week. Woodburn, a brilliant storyteller, uses stories to engage the audience.

According to her website, she’s also been known to ‘rock the house’ with her energetic and warm public speaking style. I can easily visualize that, having engaged with Cherry both virtually and via a magnetic Skype call during which she intuitively and energetically wove together story points.

During our interview, Cherry eloquently focused her questions on my recent life and career changes as I relocated from Kansas City, Missouri, to Lake Texoma (Gordonville), Texas.

My experience, planned and executed over a period of a couple of years triggered latent emotions and tapped into strength reservoirs that had been accrued for just such a journey. As I shared with Cherry, though I’ve always had a competitive spirit and willingness to stick my neck out, I also have fears and worries. However, I find that when I’m enthralled or immersed in something, any fears I have get crowded out.

As Cherry ushered me through the interview, one of several conclusions was drawn: “Action is a balm to fears.”

Cherry’s interviewing talent knit together a series of thoughts and created a cohesive overview of the who, what, where, when, why and how to showcase the initiatives leading to executing a change in my life path. Not only has the interview post generated some meaty and heartfelt responses at Cherry’s blog, but it also has had a value-add effect of helping me to see my own journey from a bird’s-eye view that I had not had time to assess having been in the throes of ‘execution’ these past five-plus months.

You can read the whole ‘story’ and the value-add comments at Cherry’s blog, by clicking here: “Interview: Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter | Confidence Chronicle Series.”

As well, I was thrilled this week to read another social media friend’s post. Inspired by Cherry’s post, Dawn Lennon resurrected a blog post on the topic of confidence — this post, as in many of Lennon’s writings, was one in which she clearly had poured her heart. Dawn has an enthralling and high-impact writing style.

A Career Strategist, Coach and Mentor who helps individuals, small and solo business owners build the success they want, Dawn writes about ‘evolving self-confidence’ in this post. Some of the key takeaway points that most resonated for me, follow:

  • Exactly ‘who’ says we aren’t good enough? Most of the time, we’re the guilty party. Doubt is our enemy.
  • Doubt cannot be allowed to rule.
  • Self-confidence is not arrogance. Arrogance is when you act like you know everything. Self-confidence is about believing in yourself. It builds courage, keeps you moving in spite of setbacks and enables you to seize opportunities to grow.
  • You build self-confidence by testing your capabilities.
  • Self-confidence evolves.

To read Dawn’s full post, click here: “Think You’re Not Good Enough? Look Around. | Evolving Self-Confidence.”

An overarching takeaway I personally gleaned from this week’s story series, begun by Cherry Woodburn and extended by Dawn Lennon, is how my personal experiences — and those of my career-soul-searching clients — folds back into my daily work. Each and every day that I consult with, cajole, coach and knit together career stories (e.g., resume and other career positioning documents) for individuals, I am helping them reinforce their value, and thus, their confidence, spurring their propulsion into new and exciting career and life experiences!



2 Responses to “Confidence Building and Your Career”

  1. Thank you Jacqui for your kind words. I know they’re sincere and that means a lot.

    As you do for your clients, you just showed me my value, which increases my confidence.

    I love when people are supportive of each other and I admit to a special place in my heart when women support other women. So, again, thank you. Cherry

  2. Master Resume Writer says:

    I’m so glad we have connected, Cherry – the multiple touch points: 3Plus, Dawn Lennon, our blogs, Twitter tweets, Facebook … Skype. What a lovely, ‘flatter’ world we now live in.

    As you mentioned in the Confidence Chronicles comments section, it may be that one day you are driving through Texas and the three of us (you, Rob and I) set sail. Truly, that would be lovely.

    So glad I could help illuminate your great value with words (my favorite thing to do!). I look forward to furthering that initiative in future writings.

    And finally, ‘women supporting other women’ – I am ALL for that!

    Sincerely – 1/2 of the ‘dynamic duo,’

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