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Chief Executive Officer Resume Sample

Chief Executive Officer Resume Sample

A great resume will not land you a job, but a poorly written resume can weaken your efforts, or worse, eliminate you from the running. With a sluggish economy and competitive job market, individuals are changing jobs every few years, on average, and flooding the market with resumes.

Traditional resumes are in a state of evolution – for the latest trends and for sharply focused biographical documentation of your professional career that will grab hiring managers’ attention…

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Solutions-oriented, our services are custom-quoted based on your unique needs.

A La Carte Pricing




  • Resume Rewrite: Solution 1

    • Collaborative Process: In-depth, consultative process includes value clarification (proprietary, customized worksheet + 60- to 90-minute phone interview + custom writing process).


      Business Development Executive Resume Sample

    • Proprietary Worksheet: Our clients repeatedly tell us that the proprietary branding worksheet combined with phone interview are particularly essential to garnering the depth and breadth (and detail) of what individual value statements they bring to the table. The rewrite is the primary service that clients hire us for – it is our specialty.
    • Our Exclusive Writing Process: How we write is unique, collaborative and in-depth. Equally important is the proprietary method of synthesizing a complexity of YOUR information, where we employ courageous, muscular and strategic wording to precisely and influentially communicate your value.
    • Results: Newly written and branded resume ‘ready to use.’
    • Your Investment: You may anticipate investing between $1295.00 (early careerists) and $2095.00 (more experienced professionals and executives); very senior and C-level executives and those with more complex stories and objectives may anticipate investing between $2095.00 and $2,500.00.
    • Cost vs. Investment. If you are looking at cost as the deciding factor, we probably are not your match. At CareerTrend, we are all about a hearty investment collaboration in your future gains! Our service is not the cheapest, but the best never is!
    • Investment Exceptions: Exceptions sometimes are made based on your unique situation and project complexity. While our sweet spot is working with professionals and executives, we also enjoy helping new-grads and early careerists launch their careers and will collaborate beginning at a bit lower fee threshold, generally starting at $995.00-$1095.00+.
    • Time-frame from start to delivery: 4 – 5.5+ weeks, on average and longer when there is a high demand for our value-driven content!
  • Resume Rewrite: Solution 2

    • A virtual process that includes customized worksheet followed by our custom writing process (does not include 60- to 90-minute phone interview that is standard with Package 1).
    • Delivery of ready-to-use Professional Resume with final approvals done via email only (does not include the 30-minute follow-up call that is standard with Package 1).
    • Results: Newly written and branded resume ‘ready to use.’
    • Your investment: $895.00 to $2095.00+
    • Time-frame from start to delivery: 3 to 4+ weeks, on average.
  • Single, Targeted Cover Letter, includes 1/2 page of additional ‘power statements’ to assist in customizing your letter to different audiences.
    • Your investment (with purchase of Resume service): $325.00 – $425.00+

      Chief-Operations-Officer-mini (1)

      Chief Operations Officer Resume Sample

    • Your investment (as a standalone project): $395.00 – $495+
  • Additional Career Portfolio Services

  • Cover Letter Suite, includes 2-3 cover letter ‘templates’ targeting combination of Ad-specific, Recruiter, Cold-Call and Networking Letter + 1/2 page of additional ‘power statements’ to assist in customizing your letter to different audiences.
    • Your investment (with purchase of Resume service): $450.00 – $695.00+
    • Your investment (as a standalone project): $625.00 – $795.00+
  • Executive Summary: One- to two-page career glimpse containing the critical highlights of a 2- to 3-page resume.
    • The summary can be used, among other things, as a single-sheet handout for networking, as a companion to a cover letter, as an introduction piece for a resume or leadership addendum, or as part of a media kit.
    • Your investment (with purchase of Resume service): $375.00 – $550.00
    • Your investment (as a standalone project): $695.00 – $895.00
Ann Sutton Resume for Website

Strategic Enterprise Change Delivery Leader Sample Resume

  • Robust Leadership Chronicle / Leadership Addendum: 1- to 3-page standalone document showcasing top career stories or projects in a deep-slice case study format.
    • Comprised of pithy snapshots focused on achievements stories: challenge, actions, short- and long-term results and business/leadership strength, the addendum may accompany the resume, the executive summary or be used as a standalone for a follow-up conversation.
    • The addendum is especially useful in networking venues as it provides a broad, yet specific sense of ability without the complexity of the resume. Some executive recruiters value these ‘deep-slice achievements stories ’ to offer to client companies.
    • Your investment (with purchase of Resume service): $395.00 – $595.00+
    • Your investment (as a standalone project): $525.00 – $725.00+

      Ann Sutton Bio for Website_final

      Leadership Biography Sample

  • Executive Biography: 1- to 2-page narrative story blending nuances of your personal values with career contributions to underscore your value.
    • A multiplicity of uses include distributing to corporate board members / executives, networking during your job search, leaving behind following an interview … and more.
    • This conversational document is a business-casual, polished tool that extends your resume value, or, when appropriate, may be used in place of the resume.
    • Your investment (with purchase of Resume service): $450.00 – $995.00+
    • Your investment (as a standalone project): $995.00 – $1395.00+
  • **NEW** Service: Illustrated Biography/Resume:
    This unique mesh of biography and resume blends the narrative style of the biography with the bottom-line impact of the resume, and is laced with color, images and pizazz.

    Sample for Website_Illustrated Bio, 8.17.14

    Illustrated Biography / Resume Sample

    • A strategic document that has proven its value as an interview conversation starter, the Illustrated Biography is designed for confident job seekers and careerists ready to bathe their value proposition in a whole new light.
    • Your Investment: $995.00-$2,500


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