Featured Testimonial

Altan Khendup: Senior Technology Leader

Client Success Story and Unsolicited Testimonial

Written in response to a discussion on the value of Professionally-Rendered Resumes
at ExecuNet’s Human Resources Roundtable

Being one who has taken the time to invest in professional resumes and using my own style, I can only relay my own personal experience on this topic. A well-written resume is ALWAYS considered one of the most important and fundamental currencies used in the marketplace for any new opportunity.

There have been only a few rare exceptions where one does not need one. To that end, the resume is only one part of the equation – it must be viewed/treated as a valuable component for any opportunity placement strategy. In today’s marketplace, being able to communicate effectively one’s value, accomplishments and qualifications means being effective on numerous levels and in a variety of ways yet being CONSISTENT and FOCUSED.

Unless you are an expert at keeping your writing skills up to date, and have been actively (at least every 30 days) getting speaking opportunities based on your strategy, you are doing something wrong. Having a resume not being able to accurately portray a) what you want and b) what you bring to an organization in a quick, concise and powerful way is why most people do not get responses to opportunities.

Having gone through the process numerous times, I could tell my resume was the problem. In spite of many meetings and requests, a few glances over my previous resume and the prospective employer could tell that I was not meeting their expectations for the position. I had been thankfully able to save several face-to-face conversations, but generally speaking getting past the various organizational filters was iffy.

Then I started using several resume writing services and judged their results. Ultimately, very few of them ever really made a dent. However, I did come across one that did ultimately deliver. I could immediately tell that they had the experience in delivering what I needed based on the time taken to truly understand my value, what I was looking for, and their process of working on the resume consistently until we had what I wanted.

Almost immediately I could see differences in the quality, number and frequency of opportunity inquiries. The service was not cheap as an initial outlay, but from the results and placement it was well worth 10x it’s value.

The investment I had made with the other service (I used http://www.careertrend.net) was absolutely worth it. My resume professional, Jacqui, walked me through the process, staying in contact regularly, worked not only at my resume but letters of introduction, closing letters, power statements, and many other documents.

Her process really made me think about my goals and value professionally speaking and she had taken what I had produced and collaboratively worked on it until I had what I wanted and could be proud of. She partnered with me, which is a rare trait among many of the other services and a good indication of a quality service. Only through a partnership and taking the time to work through that can the service deliver a quality resume that does justice to ones professional accomplishments.

As a result, I regularly receive 6-10 inquiries a day from all manner of businesses and professional recruiters for opportunities for what I WANT to do even in spite of this being one of the most challenging and difficult economic times in our nation’s history.

I do not have to go out looking for them. Additionally, those that I do decide to go after I can go after very well armed because of the various deliverables of this service. Again it is the time, process, deliverables and ultimate effectiveness of these services that I care about the most. If the results help solidify my value to others then it has more than done what I paid for it.

Another recent example of using an effective resume happened to be a recent inquiry at the C-level for a technology company. While the process to get the face-to-face was due to a professional introduction, I was told numerous times both over the phone and in person that “your resume shows us that you are one of the best candidates for the position” and managed to get me into direct contact with executives and board members. I know that a quality resume works and I know that the resume I am currently using was from a high quality service.

Most professionals are too blinded by their own personal perspectives to objectively look at whether their resume is actually what they need. Sort of being too close to the problem and not close enough to the solution.

So I may be unusual than most others but I am 100% certain that a quality resume written by a quality service provides the best chances for success. Of that I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever.


Altan Khendup
Senior Technology Leader
Northern California Greater Bay Area