New Grad: Courteously Hustle Your Way to a New Job

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

A new grad client who graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics landed a job in just a few months with our 3-PAGE, focused resume (+ interview coaching). The resume touted multiple leadership roles: captain of his basketball team, graduate assistantship and more!

He was regularly complimented that his resume was a ‘short story’ vs. ‘an avalanche of facts or statements.’

HOW did he land so fast?

He was confident in his story.

While 11/12 people offering feedback were complimentary, he confidently (and courteously) eschewed advice that he should cut (critical) content from his resume. As well, he moved outside his comfort zone in reaching out to C-level leaders and hiring decision makers through social media and email to get voice and face time.

This tenacity, blended with humility and talent, ultimately helped him land a position that he initially was rejected from for not being a ‘perfect match’ to the job description.

This new grad’s story is another great example of not relying on automated screening systems and getting out there and courteously hustling, putting your ‘face into the wind‘ in job search, whether it’s early in your career or advanced.


Photo via @eternalgr8ness 

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