Putting Career Resolutions Into Action

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Every year about this time many people begin making promises to themselves and others to create positive changes in their lives and careers. These resolutions run the gamut from dropping a few pounds to getting a new job.

You can find plenty of help where your physique is concerned, but here, let’s focus on your career goals.

According to a recent survey of employees from the jobs and career community Glassdoor, 32 percent say that a pay raise is among their top work-related resolutions for 2013, while 2 percent admit their top work-related resolution for 2013 is to get their boss fired. Other notable resolutions included looking for a new job (23 percent of employees), improving their performance rating given by their supervisor (21 percent), and attending work-related training (16 percent).

Making resolutions is easy; putting them into action can prove to be more challenging.

Follow this link for 3 actionable tips to achieve your 2013 career goals:  How to Turn 3 Career Resolutions Into Reality.

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