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Sample Resume for a Senior Technology Leader – Before & After Samples.


sample sales resume - before


sample sales resume - after

Altan Khendup: Senior Technology Leader

Client Success Story and Unsolicited Testimonial


Written in response to a discussion on the value of Professionally-Rendered Resumes
at ExecuNet’s Human Resources Roundtable

Being one who has taken the time to invest in professional resumes and using my own style, I can only relay my own personal experience on this topic. A well-written resume is ALWAYS considered one of the most important and fundamental currencies used in the marketplace for any new opportunity.

There have been only a few rare exceptions where one does not need one. To that end, the resume is only one part of the equation – it must be viewed/treated as a valuable component for any opportunity placement strategy. In today’s marketplace, being able to communicate effectively one’s value, accomplishments and qualifications means being effective on numerous levels and in a variety of ways yet being CONSISTENT and FOCUSED.

Unless you are an expert at keeping your writing skills up to date, and have been actively (at least every 30 days) getting speaking opportunities based on your strategy, you are doing something wrong. Having a resume not being able to accurately portray a) what you want and b) what you bring to an organization in a quick, concise and powerful way is why most people do not get responses to opportunities.

Having gone through the process numerous times, I could tell my resume was the problem. In spite of many meetings and requests, a few glances over my previous resume and the prospective employer could tell that I was not meeting their expectations for the position. I had been thankfully able to save several face-to-face conversations, but generally speaking getting past the various organizational filters was iffy.

Then I started using several resume writing services and judged their results. Ultimately, very few of them ever really made a dent. However, I did come across one that did ultimately deliver. I could immediately tell that they had the experience in delivering what I needed based on the time taken to truly understand my value, what I was looking for, and their process of working on the resume consistently until we had what I wanted.

Almost immediately I could see differences in the quality, number and frequency of opportunity inquiries. The service was not cheap as an initial outlay, but from the results and placement it was well worth 10x it’s value.


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Sample Resume for Business Development Professional

resume for business development professional A focused headline underscores Jessica’s Marketing and Business Development focus, followed by key drivers in specific value areas (front-end strategy, corporate branding, relationship building and so forth).An attention-grabbing bar graph punctuates her 5-year track record of climbing sales and revenue.  A keyword section corrals critical language that may be picked up by either a human-eye or keyword scan.The Executive Performance Overview communicates Jessica’s overarching impact as a driving force in turnaround, growth and profits and showcasing her 3000% sales growth in 5 years.

Sample Resume for Account Executive/Loan Broker

resume for account executive A meaty Profile brands this tightly woven and high-impact Sales Resume focused in the Commercial Banking arena. Jack’s rapid and steady career progression igniting sales, proving #1 sales performance and persevering in the highly competitive mortgage industry were captured via pithy Performance Highlights and underscored by his Personal Success Philosophy.A Professional Experience section is headed by a powerful lead-in sales pitch focused on his dynamic individual performance and team performance. On the second page, two prior and similar Account Executive positions were combined to streamline the message.

Sample Resume for a Chief Financial Officer

resume for chief financial officer This senior financial executive’s go-forward goals leveraged his progressive achievements and talents in high-level and visionary leadership shaping strategic financial direction. The resume leads in with a focused headline and sub-headlines that guide the reader as to this CFO’s areas of industry and functional focus.As well, bottom-line improvements are illustrated through a visually appealing chart.  Further, the reader is provided an overview of his record of corporate financial improvements and leadership impact.An Executive Performance Overview immediately is summarized via a powerful headline regarding
Slashing Costs, Consolidating Operations and so forth. Organizational Challenge summaries help the reader quickly glimpse at and digest this candidate’s overarching corporate role before the resume dives down into the more detailed achievements stories.

Sample Resume for IT Consultant

resume for information technology consultant John’s young career proved him a go-getter and success agent. As well, he is highly targeted in his go-forward goals facilitating a tightly woven target – Executive: Process Re-Engineer / Business Architect / Consultant. His intimacy with his target functional value proposition shows in the sub-headline beginning with Process Improvement / Transactional Processing, etc.An attractive grid illuminates three critical initiatives that drove his results and financial impact home, including his identifying $135 million in improvement opportunities.A deep dive Core Competencies section further exemplifies John’s leadership vision and proven
operational capabilities. Moreover, the Performance Overview carries the unique value proposition through the resume with sub-headlines, Key Initiatives and meaty results stories articulate challenge, action and result stories.

Sample Resume for General Management (Diverse markets)

resume for general management for diversity Alberto is a dynamic, positive and engaging personality. Capturing his combined business savvy, integrity, drive and optimism were goals in this design-savvy and content-driven resume.A storied Profile offers layers of Focus, Expertise, Skill sets and Profile statements and is punctuated by a strong Value Quote. A personal photo and Emmy graphic further exemplify Alberto’s individuality. Driving forces are laid out in a clean grid, offering a clear view of his results.Moreover, an Executive Performance Overview provides both overarching impacts as well as bulleted achievements stories.

Sample Resume for Sales Management

resume for sales leadership This Sales Leader’s resume is stamped with a ‘growth-oriented’ brand. A clean, sales-focused headline is underscored by high level sales management, operations and general management areas of focus. A personal quote describes his approach in leading sales managers and his focus on results versus activity.Moreover, a pithy chart stacks a series of achievements stories with triple-digit outcomes; and an Executive Performance History further amplifies his accomplishments.Note the headlines summarizing his bulleted achievements stories; i.e., Positive Upward Trending in Net Sales / Efficiency &
Sales Restructuring / Cost Reduction. A reader can first glimpse at highlights of this Sales Leader’s achievements; once drawn in, they can locate rich word stories that support the highlights.

Sample Executive Bio

executive bio This Operational Leadership Executive offers a distinguished manufacturing industry career exemplified by his change management, acquisitions management, business modeling, financial leadership and team direction talent.A biography’s narrative format shepherds the reader through a brief, snapshot overview of John’s value proposition, followed by an overview of more recent ventures in corporate reengineering, continuous improvement methodologies and maximizing shareholder returns. The biography then backs into John’s earlier career, foundational success stories that punctuate his crisis management and leadership in creating sustainable company revenues.
Finally, the biography concludes with a call to action to American manufacturers struggling with the deepening off shoring trend. If recruited, John is poised to position those organizations for sustained profitability and growth.

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