Use Facebook to Propel–Not Derail–Your Job Search

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Whether or not you actively participate on Facebook, the role of this social media powerhouse in reputation management is notable. In particular, managing your career reputation, extending your visibility and value and expanding your network of warm contacts is crucial to steering your career ship.

Some folks I know rely on Facebook privacy settings to control who sees what in their Facebook ‘stream.’ However, I suggest focusing less on privacy and more on quality content that you would feel proud for anyone to read. For this reason, I recommend you put every post through the mom/dad/boss filter: If you don’t want them to read what you write, then don’t publish it!

My latest post over at US News | On Careers (in collaboration with Glassdoor), squarely addresses the importance of leveraging Facebook to propel — and not derail — your job search goals. Please read the full post, here: How Facebook Can Help You Win the Job-Search War.

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