Why Employees Resign

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Good managers know very well how expensive employee turnover can be and work diligently to keep those costs at a minimum. It is a fact that not every employee can be retained no matter how fairly they are treated, and some are actually welcome to leave.

Below are ten reasons employees resign, along with suggestions for retaining those valuable players that are hard or impossible to replace:

  1. Employees Feel Underappreciated. Those who leave for this reason aren’t looking for a pat on the back every time they show up for work on time or finish a task. They simply need to be reminded from time to time that their contributions are a value to the team. Ignore them for too long, and they will seek that appreciation elsewhere.
  2. A Lack of Proper Compensation. This is a big one and should be addressed even if the company feels it is being fair. It is no secret that companies that are the most generous in this arena are also some of the most successful.

To read the remaining eight reasons, please visit my Glassdoor post, here: 10 Reasons Employees Resign.

Image via Joakal, Flickr

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